Previously In The Gemin Saga

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Previously in the Gemin Saga…


Dice Amun, an eighteen year old teenager, had a life altering event happen on his birthday.  A plane had crashed into his home during his birthday party killing 106 people, including his parents.  Dice spent an extensive amount of time in recovery all the while in paralysis. 

During his stint in recovery, he learned he exists in another world where he can fly.  He becomes ambulatory in ways he never thought possible.

Meanwhile, his brother, Marcus, lives the typical life of a teenager.  Being only a year younger than Dice, Marcus graduates high school and attends college courses to fulfill his dream as an Archaeologist.  He gets the chance to go to Cairo on a school function to explore the Red Pyramid. 

Shortcut, a childhood friend of both Dice and Marcus, get the same chance to explore the Red Pyramid.  She’s not as thrilled about the trip as Marcus is, though. 

During his dream-like transitions from corporeal existence and incorporeal being, Dice befriends another creature that can fly.  His name is Nicandro.  Nicandro provides Dice with informal training, such as flight patterns and warping through glass.  Eventually, Nicandro reveals that he is from another planet called “Gijar” and intends to show Dice his home world. 

Next door to Dice and Marcus, there are other friends of the Amun brothers, Micah Coswell and Justin Baird.  Micah has a definite evil streak in him, while Justin is the opposite with kindness and goodness.

One night, while Dice is in his Utopian dream world, he discovers that Nicandro has a secret that he would like to share with Dice.  Nicandro shows Dice how to fly into any reflective surface, such as a window or the waters of a lake, to eventually end up on the planet, Gijar.  This has never been so much a secret as it is an “unknown”.  Everyone is able to transport to Gijar, they just never had the knowhow.   While on Gijar, Dice meets with the Queen Salvene, Queen of the Gemin, and her two Prince sons, Malachi and Rubone.  Dice finds out that the Queen is his biological mother, while Malachi and Rubone are his biological brothers.  Nicandro, as it turns out, is his biological father. 

With all of this new information, Dice decides he no longer wants to exist on Earth.  He would rather live and, most importantly, be able to fly on Gijar with his real family.  The only anchor that is holding his heart to Earth is his deep connection with his brother, Marcus. 

The Royal Gemin family has its secrets, too.  High up the floating rock above the town of Rayelm is the Castle Castora that sits next to the Ma’at temple of Gemin holy priests that worship the Stones.  The Stones consist of twelve former Gemin kings that have been cursed with immortality by the very first Queen, Sokara.  Sokara had been banished from Gijar by the first King, NeVada, who sent her to exile as punishment for her killing spree on Gijar and for infecting him with a virus when he confronted her about her heinous crimes.  As Sokara was being banished into exile, she cursed the King, and any future Kings, to live out eternity as stone replicas of their manner.  They are to remain in stone form for all to see. 

The Ma’at High Priest, Anapa, bore the brunt of the virus for he was the one who inflicted Sokara with Vampyr while attempting to rescue her from an ailment.  With this secret, he tried to make amends for his mishap.   The virus had been spread through the Royal bloodline.  Anapa decided to create wine out of the proverbial bad grapes and made The Stones the new Gods of Gijar.  The Kings would be High Holy men and would be worshipped across Gijar and its twin planet that orbited Gijar.  This twin planet is called Gamgijar. 

While in his studies of Gijar history, Anapa comes across a prophecy that had been foretold that a Prophet would come from another world to save all Gemin from a feisty war that threatened the entire Gemin race into oblivion.  The current Royal family – Nicandro, Salvene, Malachi and Rubone – have only one hope to survive.  That hope is the young Dice Amun from Earth.  But first, he would need to die an Earth death to become one with his Gemin counterpart to become The Prophet they have all been waiting for. 

This is where our story begins…

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