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My first book, “The Brotherhood of the Gemin” has been out since October 2012.  It’s taken me a while with health issues (the heart) and other domestic things going on to get the second book out there to you.  But it’s almost done!  I just wanted to give you a few chapters at a time so you know what you’re in for in the second book of the Gemin series, “We Worship The Stones”.  Keep your eyes on this page because I’ll feed you chapters every month before the second book is published.  In the meantime, “The Brotherhood of the Gemin” is currently all over the internet for you to purchase.  Thank you for reading!! 

1 – Sokara

2 – Shortcut

3 – Cantha

Note:  These chapters are NOT edited in their current PDF form.  They’ve since been edited as I compile them to the main book file.  I know you want to send me emails about shit you see wrong, but there’s no need.  I have already corrected them.  That is all…..


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