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[box type=”info”] Join the BohicaNation every Saturday night at 10PM EST as we put a little Chuck in your ear. It’s music that you know…but have never heard like this before. We got tired of constantly looking for a radio station that plays music we like without all the stupid commercials. We couldn’t find one. So we made our own! If you miss the live broadcast, no worries. The REPLAY will help coast you through the week until a new B2K Radio hits the internet airwaves. Click in and get tuned on!!


[box type=”download”] Did you miss the live B2K Radio on Saturday night? Have no fear…B2K Radio Replay is here. We set up a system where you can hear the live broadcasts in a tidy little podcast either on the B2K Radio REPLAY Player, or just by downloading it on each individual post along with the song list. Cruise through the week while listening to up to six past episodes, completely free. We don’t charge a thing!! And turn it up while you’re playing the REPLAY…your neighbors are going to want to hear it.

Click to listen to past broadcasts on the B2K player:

[box type=”bio”] We wanted our BohicaNation to be proud of being a Bohicanite. So we came up with tshirts. What better way to look cool and sexy while showing the planet that you’ve got incredible musical taste?? The shirts are premium quality with our logo on the front AND the back so that people will know you’re a Bohicanite whether you’re coming…or going. They come in men’s sizes, women’s sizes, and there’s one for your little dog too!

[/box] [box type=”info”] Yep, I wrote a novel in between music, tshirt, web design, graphic design and my art. Look for “The Brotherhood of the Gemin” on Amazon, or just click on the book below. We try to make everything easy for you. Even the way you get a book. Don’t expect us to read it to you, though. We’re sort of busy here.

[/box] [box type=”info”] I’ve been drawing ever since I’ve been able to hold a crayon. The pages here on Bohica2k are limited to the scope of art I have here in the studio. I have tons of canvas that I haven’t even taken pictures and loaded up on here yet. Its because I’m an artist…not a photographer. If there’s something you like, let me know! We can talk about getting something up on your wall. My goal is to have my art on a wall in every home on the planet. I’m about to 100 right now. So I have a way to go.

[/box] [box type=”info”] We bring you the news every morning on our “Bohica2k Daily” newspaper, brought to you by Paperli. No need to scour the internet for news you can use. We’ve done it for you. There’s even a daily haiku to bring some poetry into your lives. You are welcome! Subscribe today to see what all the buzz is about.

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[/box] [box type=”bio”] Once in a while I go on Youtube and make a video. If you feel you need a giggle for the day…here’s where to find me.


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