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A long long time ago in a parallel universe…I was single. I was working at the front desk as a favor to the manager of the hotel since I was really the Sales/Marketing manager. I worked in a chain hotel with another 4 hotels with the same name in Tampa. So it’s no wonder the tourists get all confused when they book their rooms at one hotel and really wanted my hotel since I was just across the street of Busch Gardens. So the guests came into the hotel and were angry that I didn’t have their reservation. I ended up calling the OTHER hotel that was a good 20 miles away and yep…that’s where their reservation was. So said Tim. The guy on the other end of the telephone. To make the guests happy…I got them into MY hotel and asked Tim to cancel their reservation with him without a penalty. He did just that. So I thanked him…sent him a copy of the reservation with me and a thank you note. We talked a few more times on the telephone. I made up ANY excuse to call that hotel to get Tim. One night…he said I should come over to his hotel to meet him…and I did. Since then…Tim is always around me somewhere. That was 11 years ago.

I lucked out when I got Tim. He doesn’t cheat on me or lie to me and he damn sure well doesn’t beat me. He’s the ying to my yang. The ash to my tray. The good to my gravy. haha I could do this all day. Below are pictures of Tim….enjoy. (the hot to my damn. The horse to my shoe. ok..somebody stop me!!)

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