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This is Tim.  We’ve been together since 1997 and really…he was a one-night stand that just would not go home.  18 years later…here he is.  He still won’t go home.  

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We got Stone back in 2008.  He was the first dog we’d ever had.  We’ve always had cats, but never a dog.  I really am NOT a cat person.  Stone is a registered long-haired dachshund (in case you were wondering). We wanted to name him something manly.  Stone is what we came up with.  Little did we know that as he grew older….Stone would not only be a noun, but also a verb since all he does now is lay around the house like a freakin’ rock.  

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After losing Szabo (our cat), Stone looked a bit lonely.  So, back in 2010, we brought Styx home.  She’s turned out to be more manly than Stone.  She’s become my best friend.  Wherever I go, there she is.  I tell her everything before I go to sleep.  I normally don’t like a dog sleeping on the bed with me.  She’s made it a point to change my mind about it.  Styx is also a long-haired dachshund. 

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We have people pop in and out of our lives.  Mostly…out.  hahaha  But only because Tim and I try so very hard NOT to have drama in our lives.  We like it sort of boring.  Below are the people that have an unlimited pass into the House O’ Chuck.  They’re always welcome here.  And if they’ve brought cookies…they can stay for about 10 minutes.  Maybe longer..depending on the cookies.  

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If you see me with my iPhone and want to be included in any of these photo albums…let me know.  I’ll take a shot of you and add you.  =)  Thanks for looking at my stuff.  


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