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Bohica2k is Chuck. A man on a mission.

Bohica2k started as a word that stood for something bad. When my dad called me in that ruff, gruff voice of his….my brothers and I would look at each other and say “uh oh…bohica”. Which stands for “Bend Over Here It Comes Again”. I swore when I grew up and had a company of my own…I’d name it Bohica.

I’ve kept my word.

I’m not expecting anything out of this blog. It’s just an organized place to collect my daily thoughts and to showcase my latest completed art projects. Join in if you feel you’d like to be part of my madness. I could sure use the company.


My name is Chuck.

I am not what you expect, this blog could never capture the real me. This is just a bit of me. Only a few people take the time to know who I truly am. Don’t judge me without knowing or by looking at me.

I am different, I know that for a fact. So please don’t say I am the same. I AM NOT THE SAME.

If you see this about me on anyone else’s blog, most likely they copied it from me.

I am no MORE or no LESS than YOU.


I am not a very territorial or jealous person.

I am easy to find BUT hard to keep.

I like guys.

I am fun.

I irritate some people.

I am a fighter AND a lover.

I am over protective.

I sleep A LOT.

I save every letter or card I get.

I am thoughtful.

I love to laugh.

I love to love.

I smoke too much.

I dance by myself with my earphones on.

I watch movies that have some sort of meaning to them.

I love MUSIC.

I love hearts.

I am a vegetarian who eats chicken once in a while as long as it’s not on a bone.

I love animals, except spiders. They can pretty much die and I wouldn’t care.

I pick up pennies from the ground.

I love to paint the hours away.

I love to help people with their problems.

I buy batteries like they’re going to stop making them tomorrow.

I am blunt.

I don’t believe I am “THE SHIT”.

I know I am NOT ugly, but I can be insecure at times.

I won’t call you. You have to call me.

I LOVE my friends. Some more than others.

I love airplanes and flying.

I love bold colors.

I love the color green.

I love the color orange.

I am sensitive.

I love to change.

I change a lot, can you keep up?

I don’t break hearts for a living, it’s JUST an occupational hazard.

I believe no one deserves to get their heart broken

I am well known, good or bad, but it’s there.

I look MUCH better in person.

I am not photogenic.

I am not FEM or BUTCH. I am me, Chuck.

I don’t fall into your category.

I don’t follow the trend, I try to be different just to piss the trendsetters off.

I am honest, don’t confuse it with being critical or a hater.

I hate sympathy, I don’t need you or anyone to feel sorry for me.

I love to be sweet.

I love to be creative.

I love to look at pictures.

I am not conceited, but I know my own potential.

People get the wrong idea about me just by looking at my hair.

I do believe in love.

I can get over you in 3.5 seconds, TRY ME.

I am not complicated.

I AM the best friend you’ll ever have.

I have a backbone, I will be a ass if I have to.

I love when bitches like to talk shit. They’re so easy to squash.

I won’t let you step all over me.

I can get along with you because I try to.

I can love you, if you love me back.

I came out at 14.

I know the gay life very well, so don’t try to feed me bullshit. I was gay long before it was cool.

I don’t believe something until you prove it.

I am ALWAYS just being myself.

I hate when you compare me.

I LOVE it when you compliment me, not lie to me or feed me crap.

I smell everything before I touch it or eat it.

I usually almost always use the word “fuck” in some form or another when I’m complaining about something. But never at any other time.

I LOVE when you email me. I feel special…I like to feel special.

I only write in pencil. I don’t use pens.

I cannot get a plant to live to save my life. Three days from my touch…guaranteed…it’s dead.

The same goes for fish. I am the official fish killer.

I don’t drink coffee much. But when I do, it has to have two packs of Sweet-N-Low or Equal in it for me to pretend I like it.

A spit handshake is my bond. It’s stronger than any written contract.

I just want to be happy.

I can’t stand musicals, Antonio!!

I can’t seem to clip the nails on my right hand correctly with my left hand.

I roll my own cigarettes.  Tim’s, too.

I don’t care for hugs.  I’d rather do a fist bump. 

Pistachio, chocolate, butterscotch.  That is the order of my favorite flavors of pudding.

I’ve had this crazy obsession with Batman since  I was ten years old.  It might have something to do with the tight outfit he wears. 

I miss some people more than I should.  They didn’t deserve my longing for them. 

Ever since  contracting Mononucleosis in my twenties from drinking out of a dirty glass in a restaurant, I drink everything -even my coke (a cola)- from a straw. 

No matter what mood I’m in, I find my joy when I hear Tim laugh.

My dog (Styx) has the same superpowers Tim does in bring me joy when she wags her tail.

I’m a calendar freak.  I have a calendar in almost every room and on every device I own.  Dates are important to me.

I am a Goodies junkie.  (Goodies are powdered aspirin) I take about four a day for the past decade.

I just took a Goodies right now since I was thinking about it.

I am so anti-bank that I haven’t had a bank account for over 15 years.

The same goes for credit cards.

I cook dinner almost every night.  I think it’s important for Tim, the dogs and me to have healthy meals instead of processed fast food junk. 

My heart attack in October 2011 made me come to terms with my mortality.

I’m in the process of writing a book that will be epic.  Why?  Because I’m building a religion.  That always gets everyone’s attention. 

I’ve been told I always give out a bad first impression.  The  fact is…I’m not out to impress anyone.

I could care less what you think of me.

Because I AM CHUCK.

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