Clean Scene

Showering has been part of my daily ritual ever since I was around 6 years old and my mother finally...

By Chuck / February 10, 2019

The Cost of Survival

I've been playing catch-up this week in the studio since I was out all last week. That also includes...

By Chuck / January 19, 2019

The Thankening

I suck as a friend. I admit it. Not a friend in real time. Like if you came to my house and we hung...

By Chuck / January 13, 2019

Goodbye, Stranger. It's Been Nice.

Today was THE day that I said goodbye to a part of my body. If you've been reading my blog (and I know...

By Chuck / January 3, 2019

Gratitudes For The Beatitudes

I am old school. I like cards. I like notes that can be slipped under my pillow and smiley faces that...

By Chuck / December 24, 2018

That Damned Wall

Constantly - the wall - that's all I ever hear about. Let me ask you a question, have any of you actually...

By Chuck / December 20, 2018

Daily Haikus

My goal for 2015 was to write a haiku every day. I think I accomplished that. Take a look.

The voices in my head have some issues.
Thoughts and Prayers and Paper Towels

I'm going to start this with "Happy Birthday". The first few times you hear "Happy Birthday" on your day of celebration, it's nice.  People are acknowledging...

By Chuck / October 4, 2017
Garden of EdithMarch 8, 2017
The Making of JesusSeptember 10, 2016

The 9th Heart

This is the latest video on our HEART project.