Adding Adobe Photoshop Touch To Your First Generation iPad

I wanted Photoshop on my iPad.  Was that a hard request??  Well I found Adobe Photoshop Touch, which is the same as Photoshop on my computer.  Good deal!!  I went in, bought the app for $9.99.  It uploaded…but the app isn’t compatible with my first generation iPad.  What the hell!!  Apparently, I would need an iPad 2 or higher for the camera functionality to work.  That’s not going to work….so I came up with a solution.  I WILL get the Adobe Photoshop Touch to work on my first generation iPad…and I succeeded.  Here’s how I did it: 

FIRST – Get the Adobe Photoshop Touch for your iPad.  It currently costs $9.99.  Don’t worry when you get the error message that it’s not going to sync with your iPad.  We knew it already.  What you’ll want to do is after you sync…you’ll want to back up your iPad on your computer.  You’ll see it at the bottom of the page where you sync it on iTunes.  Mine is defaulted to “Back up to cloud” by default.  Click the “Back up to computer” box.  If you don’t know where it’s going to place the back up on your computer…on iTunes click on the tab at the very top called EDIT then click PREFERENCES and when the little box pops ADVANCED and it’ll show you where your files are located.  Make a note of where that is.  You’ll need to know in a minute.  

SECOND – If you don’t already have the iPhone Configuration Utility on your computer…now would be a great time to get that downloaded. You can either get it for your Mac or Windows based computer.  

THIRD – I’m assuming your iPad is connected to your computer.  If you’re like me…it isn’t because I do my syncing wirelessly.  You’ll need to have your iPad connected to your computer.  Find that chord the iPad came with and connect it now.  

FOURTH – Open up the iPhoto Configuration Utility you just uploaded.   A box will pop up.  Look to the left and you’ll see a menu.  Click on APPLICATIONS.  At the top of that you’ll see an ADD+ option.  Click on the ADD+ option and search for that PS Touch file you now should have in your files on your computer when you backed up your iPad.  On a side note:  When you’re searching for that file…use the drop down menu to search for ALL files.  I didn’t do that the first time and my newly acquired PS Touch file wasn’t showing up.  Once I selected ALL files…the PS Touch file magically appeared.  Once you find the file and ADD+ it….

FIFTH – While still in the iPhone Configuration Utility, go back to the menu at the left and you’ll see the last option is DEVICES.  Under DEVICES you should see your iPad (assuming you’ve plugged your iPad into your computer).   The screen will change showing you your iPad.  There are 5 tabs at the top of this new page.  Select APPLICATIONS.  Scroll down to PSTouch…and click INSTALL.   

TaaDAA!!  You’re done.  You now have the Adobe Photo Touch on your iPad.  


Some things to note:  

If you keep up with the updates to the should be fine.  However, the PS Touch needs to be on iOS 5.1 or greater.  Mine is at iOS 5.1.1 so I’m good.  

Every time you sync your iPad with’ll get an error message telling you that the Adobe PS Touch isn’t compatible with your iPad and will attempt to remove it.  Don’t click OK.  Just exit out of that error message.  Cancel it.  If you OK it…you’ll have to repeat everything you just did here.  

Enjoy having Photoshop on your iPad!  I had better see some fancy pictures out there in the days ahead.  =) 


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