Easy Peezy Colonoscopy

"Have you had your colonoscopy yet?" was the question thrown at me every single time I went to see my doctor....

By Chuck / November 8, 2018

Time To VOTE 2018

  I got my mail in ballot in the mail today. Before I put pen to paper I had to do some research...

By Chuck / October 5, 2018

I Have A Question: Chicken

I have a question: Do chickens and roosters get their groove on?  I only ask this because in all of my life...

By Chuck / September 23, 2018

I Think I Can

After years of being our neighbor, a friend of ours moved into a spacious house complete with a garage....

By Chuck / September 20, 2018

Game Over

Death in my every day life doesn't exist. Sure, I've had someone in my life die once a decade or so. ...

By Chuck / September 19, 2018

Waiting To Die

Standing here in the kitchen, I'm staring at the toaster in hopes that it will somehow heed my glare...

By Chuck / September 11, 2018

Daily Haikus

My goal for 2015 was to write a haiku every day. I think I accomplished that. Take a look.

The voices in my head have some issues.
Thoughts and Prayers and Paper Towels

I'm going to start this with "Happy Birthday". The first few times you hear "Happy Birthday" on your day of celebration, it's nice.  People are acknowledging...

By Chuck / October 4, 2017
Garden of EdithMarch 8, 2017
The Making of JesusSeptember 10, 2016

The 9th Heart

This is the latest video on our HEART project.