Peace and Love, Inc.

I know.  It's been a while.  I haven't had any good to say about anything. I still don't.  On...

By Chuck / April 1, 2018


Here we are; another holiday is upon us.  A holiday I'm not really (nor have I ever been) excited...

By Chuck / December 13, 2017

To The Moon And Back

There really is no back story to this piece.  Except that I hate doing faces.  I've never...

By Chuck / November 15, 2017

Missing You

There are times I think of what I have.  Not material things.  But more spiritual and emotional...

By Chuck / November 14, 2017

Things That Make Me Ugh

I'm not aware that I possess any ADHD or OCD or any other acronym that's applied to social behavior. ...

By Chuck / November 3, 2017

I Hate Halloween

Today I heard someone on the news that I listen to here in the studio call Halloween "a holiday". ...

By Chuck / October 31, 2017

Daily Haikus

My goal for 2015 was to write a haiku every day. I think I accomplished that. Take a look.

The voices in my head have some issues.
Thoughts and Prayers and Paper Towels

I'm going to start this with "Happy Birthday". The first few times you hear "Happy Birthday" on your day of celebration, it's nice.  People are acknowledging...

By Chuck / October 4, 2017
Garden of EdithMarch 8, 2017
The Making of JesusSeptember 10, 2016

The 9th Heart

This is the latest video on our HEART project.